Respondent Recruitment.

Validate your business hypotheses, user interface, brand knowledge, products and services on real customers


Got a hypothesis and need specific respondents? We understand. Need a Martian vegan? We'll find him.


The deadline's tomorrow? Make use of our chat bot, we'll answer in 3 minutes. Order today — respondents tomorrow.


Find 300 people in small Belgium village the day after tomorrow? Already done. An AliExpress user from The Middle of Nowhere — as soon as tomorrow!

No “cheaters

We do not use respondents twice, we screen them out via database, and keep blacklists of liars and professional respondents.

For Teams of All Kinds

It doesn't matter what you are working on, what configuration and size your team is — UXSSR will solve the problem.

For UX researchers

Just downloaded the app yesterday? Hasn't used the home screen, but did use the settings? We'll find people with any kind of experience. Three stages of verification (screener, database, phone call).

For business owners

Highly profitable customers of competitors from Russia, CIS, Europe, USA, Asia? Yes we can!

For product managers

Already asked your mother and conducted some corridor testing? It's time to CustDev real users.

For marketers

People that know each other in the same focus group? Not with us — 67 recruiters provide the necessary diversity.

For designers

Want to test your interface on different devices? We'll find people with an iPad Pro or a feature phone.

For research agencies

We will give you a volume discount and understand if your client changes his mind. We'll screen out the “cheaters” using our database.

Request for Quotation

In 95% of cases, we’ll find the right respondents within 48 hours after all legal and accounting formalities have been settled. Sometimes we may need a little more time.

We can find respondents faster. This will require effort on both sides.

Don't want to fill out the form? Write to Keep in mind that it may take a little longer for us to answer — requests via the form are processed with a higher priority.



Will reply during business hours



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Moscow, Russia
(Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00)

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