We find participants for research studies, e-mail us: hello@uxssr.com

UX исследования
Respondents for marketing and UX research
  • We find people even with difficult requirements
  • In most cases, quotas are filled within 24 hours
  • We filter out professional participants.
Custdev для дизайнеров, продакт менеджеров, владельцев бизнеса
CustDev for designers, products managers, and business owners
  • We provide full support, help formulate of hypotheses and requirements for respondents
  • Find your product’s users and competitors’ users
  • Quickly react to any changes and accept inquiries via chat-bot

We work with customers’ databases and can search our own

If you already have a database:

  • We help to formulate questions for your target audience
  • We get in touch with users and analyze the received data
  • We invite the users to participate in research studies study

You can also use our database of respondents. It contains any category you might need: iOS and Android users, business owners, people who watch movies online, people who are learning to program, have taken out a loan, or those that don’t want to waste their time on walking their dog.

Some of our clients

Delivery Club
Авито / Avito
Киви / Qiwi
Точка Банк
City Mobil
Яндекс / Yandex
Достависта / Dostavista
ВКонтакте / VK
Одноклассники / OK

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your company provide?

We select respondents to participate in research studies, using your criteria and in accordance with your schedule.

How fast can you find people for research studies?

We can find respondents in the timeframe ranging from 8 hours to 3 days.

Where do you look for people?

We search for respondents all around the world.

Who pays the people for participating in a study?

You can pay the respondents on your own, or do we take this function upon ourselves.

What happens if a respondent does not arrive at the designated time?

This is rare, but it happens. We replace him/her on the same day or the next, whichever is more convenient for you at no extra charge.

Can I check the required activity of the respondents in advance? For example, the frequency of their use of the service?

We welcome it! We will coordinate with you in order to white-list all the respondents in advance.

Can you guarantee that our study will not have professional participants?

We prohibit recruiters from using specialized sites where people who consider participation in research studies as a day job go to find work.

We have a growing base of research participants - both those who have already participated in our projects, and a base of professional participants from specialized sites.

Before conducting research, we cross-check each potential participant and invite only the people who did not participate in research studies.

Wait a minute - Why is my question not listed?

Write us, we respond quickly.

The cost of finding respondents

Costs depend on the complexity of the search requirements, the availability of respondents and how much the respondents are to be paid. Send us your requirements to receive a calculated quotation.

If you have an understanding of what type of person you need - these categories will help you understand the approximate pricing tiers. Respondents pay not included.

Just a person

No special requirements. Gender, age, place of residence, social standing, etc. are not important. Ideal for Hall tests.

Level One
  • Male
  • Income ranging from 18 000 € to 36 000 € per year
  • Gets to work on a bus
Level Two
  • Resident of North Holland
  • Permanent job
  • Salary of 55 000 € per year
  • Plans to buy primary housing in newly constructed building
  • Plans to apply for a mortgage within six months to a year
Level Three
  • A client of bank “X” as a private entity
  • Has more than one account in banks “X” and “Y”
  • Uses online banking and mobile banking apps at least 2 times a month
  • Has deposits in savings accounts
  • Looks at transaction history using online banking
  • Pays for utility services, telecommunication, fines, makes transfers to himself and other people
Level 80
  • Resident of the SE section of Moscow, Russia
  • Finished college with a major other than “Programming”
  • Studied online programming no more than 3 months ago at Udacity, is currently passed more than 5 hours on the course, studying for frontend or full-stack frontend developer



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