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Download official UXSSR logos, badges, product screenshots, and executive team photos (soon).

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RGB: #9426D9
Pantone: 266 C
CMYK: 71 88 0 0
RGB: #00D5FF
Pantone: 306 C
CMYK: 75 0 5 0
RGB: #3FDB14
Pantone: 2287 C
CMYK: 58 0 100 0
RGB: #FFC107
Pantone: 7406 C
CMYK: 0 20 100 0
RGB: #FF004D
Pantone: 192 C
CMYK: 0 100 62 0
Pantone: 656 C
CMYK: 10 2 0 0
RGB: #8492A6
Pantone: 2373 C
CMYK: 58 42 18 5
RGB: #3C4858
Pantone: 7545 C
CMYK: 74 50 31 36


RGB: #E5E9F2
RGB: #8492A6
RGB: #3C4858
RGB: #273444
RGB: #1F2D3D



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