Event took place on
03 November 2022
19:00 (London)

Entering the New Market Correctly

Location: Unit 4, 222 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AX
Online Broadcast


  1. Get rid of the most basic and frustrating mistakes when launching a product in a new market
  2. Hear two real-life stories of bringing two various products to market without sugar-coating
  3. Learn a battle-tested framework for launching a startup in an international market from practitioners with years of experience
  4. Meet new people also planning to launch a new product to market, it’s more fun together

Who is invited

  • Founder
  • C-level
  • Product manager
  • Bizdev

If you are one of those who have conceived or been assigned such a beautiful daring feat as entering new market, then this event is for you.

Our speakers

Ksenia Sternina

Managing partner, UXSSR

Brought dozens of companies to international markets and consulted for hundreds of startups, including B2C and B2B. Author of a dissertation on User Experience.


Daniel Scherbakov

CCO, Fanzee Labs

Previously with the Fibrum team produced and sold 50,000 Fibrum Pro mobile VR helmets worldwide, starting sales at Best Buy, Amazon and Media-Markt/Saturn. Daniel was engaged in the development of the Radario marketing platform in the US and UK markets. During his work, the platform received the status of an official partner and was integrated into Eventbrite.

Daniel regularly advises startups and shares his experience in articles on VC, Inc. and holds master classes as part of Google for Entrepreneurs and TechStars StartupWeekend programs.



Dinner & Drinks
Докладчик Даниил Щербаков
Daniel Scherbakov
CCO at Fanzee Labs
How to enter the US market with an SMB B2B SaaS product
Daniel will talk about his approach to bringing a product to the international market, which does not guarantee success, but significantly increases the chances of quickly realizing that what you are doing is not needed and to have time to make a pivot before the bank account runs out of money.
Докладчик Ксения Стернина
Ksenia Sternina
Partner at UXSSR
How to enter the British market with a commodity product and delivery
The company already had an unsuccessful experience in the British market, usually after such a conclusion is made that it will not work, but the company tried again. The moment was very unsuccessful, a lot of obstacles, but the right efforts and equal focus on the main problems helped to overcome everything.
A case study from the audience
We will work through the case of one of the participants in real time.
Dinner & Drinks