B2C Services

UXSSR helps B2C services from marketplaces to message bots and review aggregators to update their monetization models and focus on customer scenarios.

Our Track Record

We increased sales and funding for a P2P loan service by finding its product market fit.
We helped a funeral services marketplace achieve 700% year-on-year growth for three years by analyzing the needs of funeral agencies and designing a platform for their services.
We designed an ecosystem around a travel agency by analyzing customer needs and identifying opportunities to build new products or partner with complimentary services.
We helped an event agency survive the COVID-19 pandemic and increase its profits by transferring their services from offline to online.
We helped an Eastern European immigration ministry build an app to better integrate new migrants into society after researching their needs and designing the platform.
We saved money for a narrow-niche fashion project after conducting a demand analysis for its offerings and finding they were not needed.
We reduced offline communication between vendors and customers by 63% for a service marketplace after conducting research into why communication is taken offline and redesigning vendor terms and conditions for using the marketplace.
We helped an airfare aggregator service transition from using dark patterns to more transparent techniques, while improving their conversion rates.
We helped a cleaning services marketplace refine its customer experience after comparing its services with those of its competitors to understand what it was doing well alongside opportunities to improve.
We designed a faster and more efficient process for hypothesis testing for an apartment rental service by documenting its initial process, creating a new one and monitoring its implementation for two months.
We increased customer retention by 27% for a cinema ticketing firm by identifying areas for improvement in their initial services, designing a new service, and validating it with iterative testing.
We helped a job search service gain a new income source by identifying new services job seekers are willing to pay for.