UXSSR stands with educators and education institutions to build ecosystems centered on learning to achieve life goals, like-minded communities, and the talent pool.

Our Track Record

We boosted profits by 5x for a CIS online school by expanding their business model into the US, European, and Asian markets.
We increased employee satisfaction and reduced teacher layoffs for an education platform by designed a teacher incentive system.
We developed a new strategy for an upcoming online school based on trend forecasts for the next 10 years.
We doubled the number of online customers for an online school by researching parental barriers to online education and implementing our findings into a new brand communication strategy.
We increased student satisfaction by designing a learning process in VR for university students.
We created a life-long learning ecosystem for an educational company after researching current trends in education.
We helped an adult-education firm revise its development strategy after compiling technology radars demonstrating how technology will affect training in coming years.
We helped an online coaching and mentoring platform launch a popular mobile app by researching the needs of its three target audiences and designing its UX.
We helped a US-based online school earn more from the same number of students by researching best practices for online monetization, and then integrating practices from Europe and Asia.
We increased student satisfaction and graduate numbers at an online school for adults to learn new professions by designing a student profiling and personalized education system.
We helped a business school launch four new training programs after researching workplace demand for different professions and skillsets.
We increased parental loyalty to a non-profit school network for 7-10 year olds by designing a space for additional education based on child learning needs.
We improved a training service’s sales strategy after studying ways to attract users from its competitors.
We helped children learn new English words faster and with more focus by improving the UX of an English learning app.