UXSSR helps companies better engage their users by embedding entertainment services including VR, AR, mobile games, social networks and metaverses into their services.

Our Track Record

We helped a UK-based streaming service generate revenue after studying the best way to monetize its services.
We increased product development speed and decreased costs for an online gaming company by designing new internal processes for idea generation and testing hypotheses.
We helped a streaming service generate revenue upon launch after conducting research on motivations to send donations for content and recommending an operating niche.
We helped a mobile gaming company attract new users and investors by creating a new strategy including product-repositioning and marketing tactics.
We helped an online store increase revenue and customer engagement by developing tools that enabled customers to share product-related video clips with friends and followers on social media such as TikTok.
We helped a dating service increase its revenue by designing an ecosystem around its product that included helpful related services.
We increased user satisfaction and engagement for a new dating app by designing conversation and gift-giving prompts for users.
We improved customer satisfaction for a company selling science experiment kits for children by redesigning their UX based on child and parental needs and experiences.
We increased sales and improved brand recognition for a shoe brand by designing its omnichannel experience including the transition between its meta-universe and offline services.
We identified the most attention-grabbing moments of videos for a MMORPG by analyzing game trailers with eye-tracking software.
We helped a recording studio develop a strategy to increase online sales and improve brand recognition by designing its concert-goer experience in VR.
We helped a dating service develop a strategy to attract a new audience by conducting a study into dating among people aged 60+.
We increased game purchases and profits for a shooter game after conducting interviews and tracking conversion rates from A/B tests on different webpage designs.
We increased the number of new players and player retention for a computer game by redesigning its controls according to user needs and the UX learning curve.