Finance and Insurance

UXSSR helps finance and insurance companies expand their ecosystems and integrate the newest tech: be it NFT’s, cryptocurrencies or AI chatbots.

Our Track Record

We identified a new income source for a bank and created the interfaces for the resulting product.
We helped a bank launch an alternative investment fund by creating an MVP for the fund and validating its demand.
We identified the seven most promising acquisitions out of a list of fifty for a bank according to client centrality and market demand.
We worked with a pet insurance company to launch an in-demand product after conducting a study on pet insurance needs.
We helped an insurance company launch three new products that accounted for 17% of annual profits within a year after conducting market research and validating MVPs.
We helped a finance and insurance company analyze the need for, design and build a fully-functioning UX lab. We handled everything from furniture and equipment to hiring the right people.
We helped a fintech company become among the top 3 companies in its niche by conducting market research and demand analysis, and then designing, testing, and developing its user interface.
We assisted an investment firm in launching a new product in over 10 countries by testing hypotheses to find its target audience, formulating a USP, and creating and testing interface prototypes.
We helped an insurance company appeal more to its customers by building an ecosystem around its brand. This involved partnering with other companies instead of spending additional resources to create new products and services.
We cooperated with an international bank so it could better understand its marketing department’s strengths and improve the way it reaches out to customers.
We increased CSAT by 12% at a large bank after studying their customers and designing a new user experience.
Helped BNPL startup find product-market fit in the UK market.
We accelerated a cryptocurrency wallet company’s product development process by training them in research methods relevant to their skillsets and needs.
We helped a neobank launch three new products that generated over 12% of profits within a year after conducting a product-market fit, UX research and market research.