Medicine and Well-being

UXSSR helps medicine and well-being companies adapt to the most recent advances in telemedicine, body-tracking applications, and wearable devices, while providing actionable insights on their users’ individual needs.

Our Track Record

We designed a smart home management experience aimed at senior citizens after studying their needs for an IoT company.
We designed a telemedicine app for video communication between patients and doctors, which enabled a medical center to serve patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We increased demand for a commercial medical center after conducting research into user behavior and building a seamless UX between their patient mobile app and in-person services.
We designed an app for a health tech startup which included a symptom checker, test recommendations, and online and offline doctor appointments.
We helped a wellbeing startup develop non-medical options to manage insomnia and anxiety by analyzing mental health data and designing a service to deliver those options.
We helped a beauty-advisor startup raise investment by researching the needs of its target audience and designing its web and mobile user experience.
We identified a promising list of startups for a pharmaceutical company to acquire that would strengthen its ecosystem and build upon its B2C strategy.
We redesigned a bank’s ESG experience for its employees with a focus on combating burnout. Within a year of implementation, employees were more satisfied with their jobs and less likely to quit.
We helped a fitness center adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic by redesigning its subscription terms to include online and offline classes.
We increased the customer return rate for a pharmacy chain by developing a customer loyalty program after researching its audience’s needs.
We increased the number of patients seen per day and therapist satisfaction for a network of health clinics by analyzing and optimizing their therapists’ work processes.
We helped a CIS-based medical services company expand to the UK market and generate additional revenue.
We helped a pharmaceutical company prepare for upcoming regulatory changes and prevent possible losses by adapting its strategy to account for subsequent changes to user behavior.
We helped a pharmaceutical company protect its market share from competitors by researching upcoming trends and technologies and adapting its business strategy accordingly.