UXSSR helps companies in the automotive, metallurgy, pharmaceutical and food industries adapt to D2C and customer-centric marketplaces without intermediaries.

Our Track Record

We helped a fabric manufacturer update its business strategy after researching industry changes and growth opportunities.
We assisted an international steel company in developing its ESG strategy to keep and grow its existing partnerships and customer base.
We aided an international automaker in designing a user-friendly interface that displays and allows drivers to interact with vehicle data.
We helped a European automaker launch in South America after assessing the marketplace and developing a go-to-market strategy.
We helped a metal manufacturer sell new services to the same clients and reach new target audiences after conducting market research, interviewing company stakeholders, and developing new ways to generate revenue.
We helped a pharmaceutical company transition from selling via distributors to selling directly to customers online after researching their industry and developing a new D2C strategy.
We designed and tested a successful B2B ecommerce service for a metallurgical company.
We optimized an automaker’s e-commerce services by developing internal processes that allow cars to be made on demand as opposed to in advance.
We increased a wood processing company’s efficiency by designing an ecosystem of cyclic production.
We upgraded a steel company’s workforce, reduced employee turnover, and improved job satisfaction by mapping out the company’s then-situation, identifying weak points and opportunities, and developing a roadmap forward.
We fortified an agro-producer's strategy after identifying non-direct competitors that addressed the same consumer needs with different products.
We designed a digital service for an agribusiness to sell its products. Tests showed that it was unlikely to work, and so we developed an alternative strategy to better reach its consumers.