Real Estate and Construction

UXSSR helps real estate and construction firms create ecosystems from choosing a place to live, to making repairs and relocating by embedding smart home technology, sustainability, and ecology into their services.

Our Track Record

We helped an ESG-oriented real estate brand clarify its business development strategy after researching which ESG aspects are most important for its customers.
We helped a luxury real estate company better reach its audience by designing a new user experience for its clients including a mobile app, an adaptive web design, offices, and social network chat bots.
We helped a real estate developer increase its customer centricity by analyzing its internal processes and identifying ways to improve.
We helped a real estate developer attract a new audience by analyzing their entire customer experience and recommending seven new services.
We helped an upcoming township for entrepreneurs sell all their properties prior to being built after interviewing its target audience and developing a schematic plan including infrastructure needs.
We increased employee satisfaction and retention for a realtor by designing new internal processes and moving their business online.
We designed a mobile app for a property developer. Upon launch, the app received 30% of the developer’s transactions.
We developed a strategy for a European real estate company to bring a new rental concept to the CIS market by studying market trends and cultural norms alongside the needs and experiences of CIS-based landlords and tenants.
We helped a luxury real estate firm attract new customers and sell additional services to its current audience by troubleshooting a decline in its demand and repositioning its services.
We increased demand for renovations by 27% for a property developer by designing a system through which clients could choose renovation types from a limited range of options.
We helped a property developer improve its client centricity by analyzing its customer journey, recommending services to build, and identifying potential partners who held the same values.
We increased revenues and increased tenant satisfaction for a real estate developer by creating a system that monitors tenant needs.
We attracted a new audience and generated additional revenues for a property developer by creating new service packages and designing a smart home system based on its customers’ needs.
We designed an outdoor space based on ESG principles for a housing complex after studying the needs of its residents.