Retail and E-commerce

Whether clothing or food, electronics, or digitized goods, UXSSR can help retail and e-commerce businesses level up.

Our Track Record

We increased employee happiness in a large grocery store by redesigning their sales experience.
We increased a grocery chain’s LTV ratio after studying their customers journey from brand discovery to loyalty.
We helped a struggling local clothing brand survive by aligning their online and offline experience with their brand.
We’ve boosted marketing campaigns by identifying influencers that ignite change among specific audiences.
We increased a retail chain’s LTV ratio by determining their level of customer centricity vis-a-vis competitors.
We helped a grocery chain ramp up for their IPO by designing barrier-free online and offline experiences using accessibility best practices.
We boosted a grocery store’s profits and reduced its costs by including growth forecasts in dark stores and online deliveries in their strategy.
We helped a retail chain understand the underlying needs of its audience and develop its brand when socio-demographic targeting no longer worked.
We helped a repair business reach #1 in a new niche by developing a new strategy based on competitor research.
We optimized the internal processes of a home goods store by balancing the automation of repetitive tasks with ESG responsibilities.
We significantly increased a grocery chain’s online and offline conversion rates by identifying cart abandonment triggers and redesigning the customer experience.
We helped an online wellness products business define its target audience and verify its alignment with its brand values.
We created subscription terms for a business selling children’s products that incentivize new customers to switch from competitors.
We’ve designed customer experience in the metaverse including the creation, buying, and selling of digital tokenized goods including digital clothes, skills and NFT’s.