Telecommunications and Security

UXSSR helps telecom operators and cybersecurity companies transform into business ecosystems while balancing usability and data protection.

Our Track Record

We created a new 3-year strategy for a cyber-security firm after conducting competitor and customer centricity analyses.
We increased profits for a home security company by 70% after diversifying its services through the creation of an IoT ecosystem.
We reduced customer complaints of fraud for a mobile operator after refining their communication strategy based on research delving into user attitudes towards fraud.
We helped a mobile operator develop a new strategy using 10-year industry forecasts to narrow-down focus points.
We increased LTV for a mobile operator by researching, designing, and developing their loyalty program.
We helped a UK-based mobile operator attract a new target audience by modifying its service packages.
We increased earnings per user for a mobile operator after conducting stakeholder interviews and data analysis.
We helped a cyber security firm focus on its most pressing business objectives through 15-year industry forecasts and the creation of a new development strategy.
We halved meeting times with top management at a mobile operator by training employees how to understand and communicate management needs.
We designed a UX lab for a telecom company so they could better understand their audience and develop services better suited to them.
We reduced customer service calls and complaints received by a mobile operator by designing and validating automated sales and customer service text messages.
We increased audience retention and loyalty for a US-based mobile operator by redesigning their mobile app.
We helped a new mobile operator return profitable immediately after launch by designing a seamless virtual sim card experience for travellers.
We developed a child SIM card user experience tailored to the needs of children and parents for a UK-based mobile operator.