Transportation and Delivery

UXSSR works with transportation and delivery services—whether for goods or people—to improve the user experience of passengers, drivers, and couriers.

Our Track Record

We reduced courier attrition rates for a ready-to-eat delivery service after conducting ethnographic research and creating a new courier experience.
We helped a logistics company build an action plan for the following year by researching industry trends and conducting a workshop with the team.
We helped a CIS-based fleet management company enter the US and UK markets after researching the industry and modifying its USP and UX. Within one year, the company made 30% of its profits from these new markets.
We helped an automaker make its trucks more driver-friendly by analyzing the needs of long-haul truck drivers and recommending ways to improve their interiors and exteriors.
We helped a grocery delivery service design a user interface for its contactless human and rover delivery app.
We designed the passenger experience for an autonomous cab service and developed an alerting system to reduce anxiety among its passengers.
We updated a car dealer’s business model after designing and validating an online car marketplace with an online and offline experience.
We helped an airline design a service allowing children to fly without their parents after interviewing children and parents who have used such services or would like to.
We designed an app for a scooter sharing service alongside its scooter user experience, and storage system.
We designed a unified fare system for a public transportation ministry in Eastern Europe to make all modes of transport including buses, cars, and bike-sharing the same price.
We improved a product delivery service’s user experience after analyzing online and offline negative feedback from its customers and offering solutions to various departments.
We boosted revenues for a restaurant by 30% by analyzing the needs of its customers and designing its own ready-to-eat delivery app.
We helped an international pizza delivery service enter the UK and make it its second most profitable market after conducting a demand analysis, redesigning their delivery service, and branding.
We helped a UK-based public transportation service increase accessibility to its buses after conducting research into the needs of different target audiences and proposing structural changes.