User Experience Research Intern

Remote Job
ID: 791
Nov 28, 2022

User Experience Research Intern

Students, beginners or retrained are invited for an internship. Training and self-study in UX research are required, work experience is not required.

Duration of the internship: 3-4 months, after successful completion of an internship you may be offered a position of junior UX-researcher.

Remote work, any city, you should have a stable Internet connection. Schedule is free, but corresponds to the project schedule, i.e. to the working meetings and interviews with respondents it is important to appear at the agreed schedule, the rest of the work can be done at the agreed time.



  • Assist senior colleagues in all stages of the project: forming hypotheses, selecting methodology and frameworks, developing a script, coordinating respondent recruitment, conducting research, transcribing, capturing results in frameworks, creating a report, presenting results. Projects can be complex, including market research and product-market fit search
  • Continuously improve your skills: understand the workings of research methods and frameworks, be a dependable and engaged team member, learn, and improve project management skills, meet deadlines, dig deep into details, uncover the unobvious

Key Qualifications

  • Completed training on quality UX-research with completed training projects
  • Self-study on UX-research topics: books, articles
  • Understanding of the gamer experience basics
  • Obligatory Upper Intermediate level of English – verbal and written
  • Experience in office suite, collaborative whiteboards, knowledge bases