User Experience Researcher

Remote Job
ID: 792
Nov 28, 2022

User Experience Researcher

International projects, well-known brands. As part of our team and in collaboration with our clients you will set up hypothesis testing processes, search for product-market fit, test phygital devices, facilitate meetings with top managers and enter new markets.


  • Seek out product-market fit, sales channels, value proposition, design CJM as is and to be, segment audiences, find new markets, niches, features for client products, test and improve interfaces in collaboration with client designers
  • Apply knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methods, market research, UX research, product research, customer development, design thinking
  • Build into the client’s team and maximize the benefits of client projects, not only from the methodology used, but also from proper communication and collaboration

Key Qualifications

  • Completed training in quality UX research or UX analytics
  • Experience as a UX researcher, service designer, business analyst, systems analyst, data analyst, UX analyst from 2 years
  • Experience in quantitative research, market research, trend watching
  • Understanding of basic gamer experience
  • Requirement for Upper Intermediate English – verbal and written.
  • Experience in office suite, collaborative whiteboards, knowledge bases