UX-researcher intern
ID: 89
Students or beginners are invited for an internship. Training and self-study in UX research are required, work experience is not required.
The presence of projects within the training, which you can demonstrate - is mandatory.
Duration of the internship: 3-4 months, after successful completion of an internship you may be offered a position of junior UX-researcher. You may be offered an internship based on the interview results. Internship is not paid.
  • Assist senior colleagues in all stages of the project: forming hypotheses, selecting methodology and frameworks, developing a script, coordinating respondent recruitment, conducting research, transcribing, capturing results in frameworks, creating a report, presenting results. Projects can be complex, including market research and product-market fit search
  • Continuously improve your skills: understand the workings of research methods and frameworks, be a dependable and engaged team member, learn, and improve project management skills, meet deadlines, dig deep into details, uncover the unobvious
  • Completed training on quality UX-research with completed training projects
  • Self-study on UX-research topics: books, articles
  • Understanding of the gamer experience basics
  • Obligatory Upper Intermediate level of English - verbal and written
  • Experience in office suite, collaborative whiteboards, knowledge bases
Working conditions
  • Remote work, any city, a stable Internet is on you
  • Compensation depending on the candidate's experience, bonuses for reaching KPI
Why us
  • A team of top professionals ready to help colleagues grow. Our graduates work in FAANG and startups
  • International projects, well-known brands. As part of our team and in collaboration with our clients you will set up hypothesis testing processes, search for product-market fit, test phygital devices, facilitate meetings with top managers and enter new markets.
  • Comprehensive drive tasks. Have accumulated a huge knowledge base of hundreds of methodologies, dozens of industries and thirty-five countries.
How to apply
Please author an email to apply@uxssr.com putting job title and ID into subject field. Don’t forget to attach your resume or LinkedIn profile.