Audience Segmentation

We segment the audience to the task of business: ABCDX to identify the solvent audience, social-dem for profiling, Censydiam for emotional needs, JTBD to entice customers, behavioral segmentation to improve ROMI.

What Is
«Audience Segmentation»

When developing a product, positioning, and marketing activities, it is important to understand your target segment. A product for everyone is a product for no one. The main purpose of segmentation is not only to identify segments, but more importantly, to determine the segment to which the product or service will be of interest.

The UXSSR team identifies the most useful criteria for business segmentation, most often it is willingness to buy a product (ABCDX-segmentation). For B2C audiences are also important socio-demographic, economic, psychographic and geographic parameters, while for B2B it is more important the role in the company and the decision-making system. The JTBD framework for each of the segments helps to form a plan for attracting competitors’ users.

As a result, the team has an understanding of their target segments, their motivations, behaviors, needs and characteristics. This decision-making tool allows to better prioritize features and new products, build a communication and marketing strategy.

This Service Is
Designed for

Marketing department to synchronize product positioning with product goals.

CPOs and product managers to understand priority target audiences and their needs.

UX and CX labs when there are not enough resources to conduct a large-scale project internally.

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