Backlog Prioritization

Fill the backlog with features that meet the needs of the audience. We will fail all the features qualitatively and quantitatively. We'll prioritize the features based on the company's capabilities and goals.

What Is
«Backlog Prioritization»

The UXSSR team compiles a backlog of features that are in demand by the current or potential target audience. The backlog is collected from market analytics, benchmarking, customer feedback, audience behavior data analysis, customer interviews, and UX testing.

The key factor is to generate value measured in money as quickly as possible, which is why it is so important to properly prioritize the implementation of features. UXSSR experts assess their importance from the client and business value, complexity and speed of development, risk reduction for the company. KANO, Quality Function Deployment, Opportunity Scoring, Story Mapping, MoSCoW models are used.

As a result of joint work the team will get a backlog of features demanded by the audience, as well as recommendations for prioritizing the development sequence and an estimate of development time up to six months.

This Service Is
Designed for

CPOs and product managers, when a company does not have enough specialists in charge of customer centricity.

In collaboration with UXSSR, not only will the backlog be prioritized in relation to audience needs, but also this knowledge can be adapted into the product development process.

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