Entering New Markets

We will successfully launch your business in a new country. We will analyze the market and take into account state, legislative, economic and cultural peculiarities. We will form a unique selling proposition for the needs of the local audience.

What Is
«Entering New Markets»

The UXSSR team analyzes your product, business model, and team capabilities and selects the top 5 countries suitable for scaling or refocusing your business. USXXR experts choose the most promising and easiest country to enter, taking into account geopolitical, economic and legal nuances. Using analytics tools, they check demand and identify competitors.

UXSSR experts find the first customers, interview them and, based on feedback, adapt product positioning, features and prices to the realities of the new country. Sales channels are determined through interviews, without investment or presence in the country. Experts design the customer journey, polishing the landing page so that the customer does not have a single reason to leave it.

As a result the company receives a strategy and a clear plan for business deployment in a new country, market expertise, the first paying clients, landing without UX problems, backlog of tasks on business adaptation to the new market.

This Service Is
Designed for

For business founders who want to expand or change the country of business representation. UXSSR scoring countries and recommending the best country for the business.

Business developers tasked with ensuring business success in a new country. UXSSR defines what minimum changes should be made in product and product communications in order to please the target audience in another location.

Startup founders when choosing a country for initial and future launches, when it is important to consider not only the size of the market, but also the short-term goals of the startup team.

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