Game Studies

Gain meaningful data about players to help position the game, improve conversion rates, and understand what mechanics are holding the game together. Useful at the stage of game idea, branding, onboarding, launching game add-ons, finding reasons for audience churn.

What Is
«Game Studies»

Game User Research focuses on player psychology and behavior to help game developers develop engaging games. Game experiences are studied through playtesting, interviews, EEG, and data analysis. The game research approach differs from UX by shifting the focus from efficiency to enjoyment.

UXSSR experts work with the game studio to form project goals, select an appropriate method or mix of methods. After conducting playtests, the experts analyze and synthesize the data, and provide the result—a diagnosis of the current state and recommendations for improvement. Some methods involve iterative improvement, where recommendations are immediately put into the product and tested again.

As a result of the project, the game studio better understands its audience and how to influence them. Developers get a plan of action to improve the game experience, increase conversions and monetize players.

This Service Is
Designed for

Marketing department, to properly develop positioning and attract new players.

Data analysts, when the data shows a dip in the funnel, but the reason is unclear.

Localization department when deciding to launch in a specific country to see if the target audience likes the game or supplement.

Producers to improve the game and monetization.

UXSSR will show how much the target audience really likes the game, what to do to make it impossible to tear yourself away from the game.

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