Product-Market Fit

Find a product market for the product. Determine the optimal country for the launch, find the audience segment, value proposition, features, monetization and engagement channels. We'll prepare the product to raise investments for scaling.

What Is
«Product-Market Fit»

The UXSSR team finds the market segment where customers choose your product to solve their problems. For the duration of the project, UXSSR experts become part of the startup team to quickly deliver insights to the team. Scope of work is divided into two parts: market analysis and clarification of target segments (customer development). UXSSR scoring of countries, assessment of trends and demand, clarification of political, economic, legal constraints. The goal is to choose a growing market where the target audience is willing to pay, and where there are no critical difficulties that would prevent the product’s entry.

In the second part, the experts make contact with the selected target segments. On the one hand, it is important to understand the experiences and needs of the audience, and on the other hand, to demonstrate the product and gather feedback on it. Both parts involve the necessary number of pivots: a different country, a different target audience, a different product, until a match can be found.

The result of the Product-Market fit service is the startup team’s understanding of which market to enter and who the target audience is. They understand how to position the product, which features are in demand, and which sales channels work. The final presentation is sharpened to raise the round of investment for scaling.

This Service Is
Designed for

Startup founders who have a project idea or technology that needs to be packaged into a product, understand to whom and how to sell, and make the first sales.

Corporate and private startup accelerators, venture-builders and investment funds that need to increase the survival rate of their startups.

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