Respondent Recruitment

We find representatives of the target audience of the current product, competitors' product or potential users of the new product. We recruit B2C and B2B audiences worldwide.

What Is
“Respondent Recruitment”

Finding the right members of your target audience is one of the most important, underestimated stages of obtaining data for a business. This is especially true for startups or new products, where the audience is not yet formed, and it is unknown where and how to find these people. There is a risk of contacting only the closest circle of people, which will give the wrong idea about the reality outside of that circle.

At UXSSR, respondents are recruited by a dedicated team of account managers who take the client's request, coordinators who define search strategies and control the quality of execution, and fieldworkers who look for people. The extensive experience allows us to find the most complex profiles, including B2B and B2C, from tech startup founders to top managers of large businesses to school principals around the world.

On each project the UXSSR team uses more than ten sources of access to respondents: its base, snowball method, social networks, forums, chat rooms, channels, platforms with respondents, network, counterparties, advertising, HR-specialists and HR-platforms. The result is sufficient diversity, and you can be sure of a quality result.

This Service Is
Designed for

UX and CX labs that want to set up a regular research process and not worry about the quality of respondents.

For product managers to move the team from using corridor tests to communicating with the real target audience.

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